Welcome to NHOC Nepal. We are a christian non-profit social-welfare organization. Our goal is to support orphans, other helpless children and widows.



Name:Sarita Dhakal
Date of birth:1998-07-14
Place of birth:Singing, Studying, playing
Date of entrance to NHOC:13/09/06
Hobbies:Singing, Studying, playing
Character:Friendly, lively, kind and funny
Future dreams:To be a teacher

How we found her

We found Sarita under very miserable conditions through her distance relative and neighbors Bishnu Guidel.

Her father ran off with another women and didnít want to take care of Sarita. Her mother is attacked by mental deases and also ran off with another man, when her mother got third marriage same that time onward her relatives all they didnít seen her. Sarita who very bad conditions. She was care of her close relatives by their kind heart and love. Her relatives family is so big. They donít have proper source of income. Their main family member is patient of cyketic and he canít work. Two members of their family they have to follows and take care for him. Because of due to these cases and being many family members they themselves are suffering very big troubles Sarita didnít have education money these these all circumstance even we donít have found we took her in our New home.