Welcome to NHOC Nepal. We are a christian non-profit social-welfare organization. Our goal is to support orphans, other helpless children and widows.



Name:John Chaudhary
Date of birth:11/07/96 Place of birth:Kohalpur Ė 4, Banke, Far Western Nepal Date of entrance to NHOC:25/03/2006 Hobbies:Playing football, basketball and running Character:Quiet, polite, honest, kind friendly if a little shy Future dreams:to be a pilot

How we found him

We found John Chaudhary through Mr HariHar Chaudary is a neighbour from the same village. Johnsí mother is handicapped and his father is deaf and therefore were unable to take care of him.

They donít have any land of their own and have been rescued by the local church because of neither of them can work. They were badly in need of helping hands. Their village development committee has given us a recommendation letter with his birth certificate. We took John into our home to give him hope, education and opportunities of a better life. John is now very happy in our own and very kind to everyone in the NHOC family. When John arrived at NHOC he did not speak Nepali as he was from a tribal family speaking another language. He used to eat mice! He is now able to understand and speak Nepali and communicates well with the other children.