Welcome to NHOC Nepal. We are a christian non-profit social-welfare organization. Our goal is to support orphans, other helpless children and widows.



Name:Ashish Gurung Date of birth:2000 (date unknown) Place of birth:Rajgadh-8, Jhapa, Eastern Nepal Date of entrance to NHOC:20/03/06 Hobbies:Singing, drawing Character:cheeky monkey, funny, kind and loving Future dreams:to be a doctor

How we found him

We found Ashish through Mrs Shrijana Bardewa pastor at the Bethlehem church Kathmandu. His mother ran away with another man because his father was a drug addict. He didnít get proper care, food and education from his mother and her new husband.His mother cared more about her new husband than about Ashish.

He ended up living on the street. When Ashish arrived at our home he didnít want to talk and he was very badly behaved. However, he is now much better behaved and very sweet although a little cheeky! We have given him a loving home environment with brothers and sisters to help care for him. He is very much part of our NHOC family and is starting to work very hard at school. He is already second place in his new class.