Welcome to NHOC Nepal. We are a christian non-profit social-welfare organization. Our goal is to support orphans, other helpless children and widows.



Name:Anisha Thapa Date of birth:2001 Place of birth:Prithri Narajan Municipality, Gorkha Date of entrance to NHOC:24/03/2006 Hobbies:Singing, Studying, playing with plasticine, colouring in Character:Friendly, lively, kind and funny Future dreams:To be a teacher

How we found her

We found Anisha under very miserable conditions through Purna Thapa a member of new life church.

Her father ran off with another woman and didnít want to take care of Anisha. Her mother took Anisha from her fathers home because she knew that he wasnít caring for her. Unfortunately she was not able to give her proper care because she has to look after her younger brother and is very poor. Her mother finds it very hard to find any kind of work and therefore struggles to look after the one child. When she arrived at NHOC she couldnít say any English or Nepali alphabets but now she has been given care and education she is working very hard and doing very well at school. She is a very smart and intelligent little girl who is a quick learner. When she arrived at NHOC she used to say swear words and was very badly behaved. However, under our loving care she has now become a very well behaved and good little girl. She is in first place in her class.